Telly - Your Team's Productivity Boost

You want to have your own customized Teams Assistant in less then a week? Good news! We help you to define, train and deploy one!

  • Automated Appointment Scheduling
  • Searching for Documents, KB Articles in Office 365
  • Creating and Managing IT-Tickets
  • Many more!
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✔️ Know-how Transfer

Transferring knowledge is a challenge for many companies. Telly uses a knowledge base and answers your questions directly and instantly. Your knowledge base becomes accessible to a larger part of your team. This saves time and increases the competence of your team.

✔️ Process Simplification

Efficient processes and work structures are essential pillars on which the success of a company is based. Whether ticket management, IT support or employee training, Telly helps to establish your processes in an efficient way.

✔️ Fit for the future

Microsoft Teams helps to further digitalize the collaboration of your team and promotes internal exchange of information. A smart assistant promotes user acceptance and the perceived digital progressiveness of your company.

Ticket Management

New records can be easily created with Telly. New users will be able to connect multiple pieces of information.

Ticket categorizing by asking multiple questions leads to more reliable results and smoother processes.

Telly can pass users to a real person to deliver a seamless experience to your organization.

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Searching for KB Articles / Documents

Telly immediately delivers AI-supported results and uses a knowledge base as a basis. Telly collects all user questions internally. These can be used in a second step to continuously improve Telly.

Simultaneously look for files in Teams, Sharepoint and Onedrive. You don’t need to know where your document is located

Give your coworkers a tool to simplify their day-to-day life.

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Business Cases

  • Searching for Knowledge Base Articles
  • Finding Documents
  • Escalating a chat to a human
  • Approval processes
  • Appointment Scheduling Assistant
  • Run Power Automate Trigger
  • (Business) Notifications
  • Reading / Writing Emails
  • User Onboarding


Each Telly is tailored to your organization but you can also adapt it by yourself!


Setting targets

Our experts have learned in over 50 projects how important it is to clearly define goals when using virtual assistants. Together new we will look at what you want to achieve and give you a clear statement whether we can help you.

Train Telly

An artificial intelligence is trained and not programmed. The process is fundamentally different from common software development processes. We have this expertise and take care of getting your assistant ready to start in less than a week.

Testing and rolling out

You can unlock your bot for your organization in under 10 minutes. We support your Microsoft Team or Office 365 Administrator in the setup. After that you are part of the Telly family. Our experts always have an open ear for your wishes and questions.

Best efficiency requirements

You use the Office 365 universe.
You have successfully rolled out Teams or seek to improve Teams acceptance.
You are looking to improve complex business processes.
You need to efficiently scale rarely used processes to many people.

Powered by Sally Assistant

Sally is the most advanced AI platform for internal employee support chatbots.

Telly is part of that chatbot family, which delivers you the possibility to integrate all your use cases from Telly to Sally and back.

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